Buffs for Christ

BUFFS FOR CHRIST, the WTAMU Church of Christ Bible Chair, is a campus ministry that serves WTAMU and AC students. It is supported by area congregations and overseen by University’s eldership. Located just west of the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum, Buffs for Christ is a registered student organization that exists to help Christian students grow in their relationship with God, create a dynamic fellowship with Christians of all ages, and share the good news of Jesus on the WTAMU campus and the world.

STUFF THE BUFFS/INTL. STUDENT LUNCHES. Serving food is a great way to reach out to college students. These events allow students to enjoy home cooking and establish memorable relationships through sharing meals.

CAMPUS PARENTS. This ministry provides university student the opportunity to develop a close relationship with one of our church families. Ideally, campus parents and students will contact each other at least monthly. Relationships established in this ministry often last far beyond the college years.