Worship Ministry

Public Worship ~ David Lough (Preaching Minister) 655-3952

The worship ministry is committed to making our corporate worship a time to honor and glorify God and to encourage one another in our obedience to God’s will and purpose for our lives.  Faithful men lead our worship as prayer leaders, communion servers, scripture readers, song leaders and/or lesson presenters.

Glen Clugy (Prayers, communion)
Sean Pullen (Song leaders)
David Lough 655-3952 (Speakers)


Greeters are essential in settling the tone for our worship services.  We want people to know that our congregation welcomes visitors and loves people.

HS Fuller


Women who work in our nursery provide an invaluable service for young families.  We want all parents to know that their infants and children are safe and secure while they participate in the worship of the church.

Robyn Goss