Missions Ministry

Mission Communication and Visitation

Currently University Church of Christ supports international missions in India, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Mexico, and Eastern Europe.  The United States missions that we support include Northern New Mexico, South Dakota Black Hills State Campus Ministry, and Camp Blue Haven.  Missions communication involves working with our mission deacon in writing encouragement letters to various mission churches and helping to communicate to our congregation the needs that the churches might have.  From time to time a team from University will visit one of our mission churches to either help with a Vacation Bible School and gospel meeting or a special construction project. We especially want to encourage our members to visit our mission churches such as those in nearby Northern New Mexico.

Short Term Missions

University provides a limited assistance for short-term mission trips for our members. Application forms can be obtained from the mission deacon or church office.  The forms must be filled out and submitted to mission deacon. Grants are based upon mission objective, need, sponsors and available funds.