Local Outreach Ministries

Life Group Ministry

Life Groups are small groups that meet on the first Sunday of each month.  Some groups meet at noon and others in the evening. One group meets every week.  They meet in homes, at public parks, in the fellowship hall, in the Family Activity Center and at the Bible Chair campus center. The focus of this ministry is for group members to develop closer relationships and engage in Bible study in a way that is not ordinarily possible at regular worship services. LifeGroup leaders provide planning, places for hosting, and/or leading Bible studies.


Visitation is one of the keys to the growth and well-being of our congregation. The three types of visits include visiting the sick, encouragement visits to members, and visiting newcomers to our congregation.

New Member Orientation

Those who work in new member orientation are responsible for making sure new members are made welcome to our congregation.  They are responsible for making sure new members fill our church worker surveys.

Card Ministry

The card ministry is an effective way to reach out to people.  Everyone is encouraged when they receive a card whether it is for a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, a thank you note or get-well card.

Funeral Ministry

This ministry provides special service for those who are experiencing the loss of a loved one.  These services include providing food for family, singing at the service, and/or operating sound/media equipment at the memorial service.

Hilltoppers Ministry

Hilltoppers is a group of older Christians who meet on the third Monday of each month in the fellowship hall.  The gatherings are a time of great food, conversation and fun games.

Family Life Recovery

Family Life Recovery is a Bible-based ministry that serves as both a Bible class and as a practical support group that helps families and individuals who struggle with various addiction problems, financial struggles, divorce recovery and loved ones who are in or returning from prison. Those who work in this ministry must have an understanding heart and the ability to keep confidences.

Prison Ministry

The University church works with Christ Prison Fellowship in reaching out to those who are incarcerated in the Neal Prison Unit in Amarillo.  Christian couples and/or men serve as mentors to prisoners on the third Sunday of each month. Also, on the months that have a fifth Sunday they conduct the worship service for the prison.  They visit with the prisoners on Sunday afternoons about 1 ½ hours. The time is spent in getting acquainted with the prisoners and helping them with their spiritual needs. Also, this ministry helps those who are released from prison to maintain their spiritual journey and help them to get established in the free world.  This ministry has resulted in many baptisms into Christ.

Rick Reece

Randall County Jail Bible Study

Every Monday Evening at 7 p.m. men from University church conduct a Bible study in the Randall County Jail.  Through the years many prisoners have been baptized into Christ.

Wedding Ministry

This ministry assists couples with their weddings.  Those who serve in this ministry communicate building use policies, oversee wedding paraphernalia, assist with rehearsals and/or operate media technology.

Quilting Ministry

Anyone who enjoys quilting can utilize their talents in making quilts for newlyweds as well as those in need.  University has a room devoted to this ministry.

Widows/Senior Assistance

This ministry is designed to help older Christians who may need seasonal yard work, furniture moving, minor house repairs, snow removal and etc.  The only requirement for this ministry is to have a heart to serve older people.