Education Ministry

Our education ministry is Bible-based and offers classes on Sundays and Wednesdays for all ages, including the following:

  • Youth education
    • Nursery
    • Toddlers & Threes
    • Pre-K & Kindergarten
    • 1st and 2nd Grades
    • 3rd and 4th Grades
    • 5th and 6th Grades
    • Junior High
    • High School
  • Adult Education
    • Women’s classes
    • Young adults
    • Active families
    • Fellowship hall
    • Chapel
    • Auditorium

5th and 6th Grade Ministry

A special focus is provided for students during this important transitional time when many of them make an individual faith commitment, helping to establish a biblical foundation concerning teachings about salvation and the church. This is also an important time for students to bond with each other as they prepare for junior high and high school and increased participation in our student ministry.

Leadership Training for Christ

This ministry encourages students from third grade through 12th grade to develop a mastery of the content of the Bible through Bible Bowl as well as provide a means of a spiritual expression of their different gifts and talents.  Ministry workers instruct and lead students in various activities such as Bible bowl and Bible quiz, chorus, song leading, public speaking, art work, song writing, teaching and many other events.  Our students and sponsors attend the LTC Convention in Dallas on Easter weekend. Normally 5000 from across our region attend.


The University church library has spiritual books and videos for all ages.  The library is designed to supplement our Bible school program and to provide resources for family home Bible study.  Workers in this ministry are responsible for oversight in checking out and checking in books and videos at service times.

Vacation Bible School

Each summer University has a vacation Bible School for four-year olds through 5th grade.  This ministry serves not only the children at University but also an outreach to families in the community. Those who work in this ministry serve as teachers, refreshment servers, media workers, van drivers and general assistants.

Children’s Sunday Evening Worship

During Sunday evening services, a worship service is provided for young children. Workers in this ministry teach Bible lessons, lead children’s songs, and work with puppets to help participants learn and participate in age-appropriate ways.

Tuesday/Thursday School

University sponsors a Tuesday/Thursday Mother’s Day Out and Academic Preschool Program.  The staff of this ministry are part time paid teachers. For further information concerning this ministry as well as job requirements contact the director.

Young Men’s Worship Leadership

This ministry helps train young men to lead public prayer, lead songs, and present lessons.