Building, Grounds & Media Ministries


Volunteers are needed to help maintain our building and grounds.  We employ a professional cleaning service to keep our building clean.  However, we need individuals to help with minor repairs, maintenance, security and safety.  The following is a list of building maintenance responsibilities and those who oversee these areas:

Building Access (Lock/Unlock)

John Clayton

Parking Lot and Grounds Maintenance

Eddie Allen

General Upkeep and Maintenance

Byron Brunson

Video Monitoring of Building

Pat Swires

Baptistry and Baptismal Garments Cleaning

J Fulton

Building Safety

Jeremy Reid

Electrical Installation and Repair

Jody Knoll

Heating and Air

Roger Senter

Media/Computer Technology

We use media and computer technology to enhance our worship experience and to communicate God’s message more effectively in our classes.  We need people who have training to assist in various aspects of media communication. Listed are areas of technology that trained individuals are needed:

Audio and Video Technology

Those who work in this ministry are trained to operate our sound and video equipment for worship, weddings and funerals.

Andrew Burgoon

Computer Software Security

Brian Goss

Computer hardware, purchasing computers, sound and video equipment

Mike McGee

Website and Social Media

Lance Culbert