Benevolence Ministry

Local Assistance Ministry

The goal of this ministry is to be like Jesus in helping those with financial need at the same time preserving their dignity.  Our goal is to help people so that they can help themselves and others.

Frozen Food Ministry

University has a special freezer to store casseroles and other frozen foods.  The purpose of this ministry is to provide meals for families who have loved ones in hospitals, undergoing cancer treatments, loss of a loved one or other such needs.  Those who work in this ministry prepare foods that can be frozen and ready for delivery anytime a need arises.

High Plains Children’s Home

University is one of major contributing churches to High Plains Children’s Home which is located between Canyon and Amarillo.  Each year our congregation participates in a fund-raising project called Cans for Children as well as the annual Christmas Wish Gift Project.  Also, from time to time those involved in this ministry will do a special service project for the campus.