Published by Susan Clayton on May 25, 2018

Youth News-Week of May 27

Youth News

Summer is finally here! We give praises that another year has come and gone, and we pray that this summer is a time of rest and spiritual growth.  We are very excited to announce that we have another great summer ahead of us. We are going to kick off the summer THIS Monday night. We will announce the plan today in class.

Opportunity Camp – As camp is getting closer we ask that you keep the University Youth, the Conroe Youth and the kids from Impact in your prayers. We pray that we have another safe, fun, and blessed trip. The final payment of $75 is due today.

North Amarillo VBS – We are helping with a VBS at N. Amarillo Church of Christ (see Buff Notes).  If you can help, contact Spencer or Kyla.  (If you are going to Opp Camp on the 2nd you can still help for two days.)

Summer Trips – If you plan to go on any youth trips this summer we need an insurance release form turned in. If you don’t have one, contact Spencer or Kyla.  806-341-2046 (Spencer) or 806-395-0379 (Kyla)

JH Camping Trip – June 17-20, $30, due today!

MIA – (Missions in Amarillo) June 24-27. (6th-8th graders). Contact Spencer to sign up. The cost of MIA is TBA but should be about $45. If you can host a group of our kids, contact Diane via fb or text at

806-676-0278.  Have a blessed week!