Published by ucccanyon on June 18, 2017

Youth News – Week of June 18, 2017

Dear Youth and Parents,

I hope you have had a good start to the summer. I know that things can be incredibly busy with events and activities. I challenge you to see a deeper side to life than just the chaos. Look for what God is doing! I am confident that he is working in your lives.

MIA begins today. Please have your kids at the church building at 4:45 packed and ready to go. They will be spending 3 nights with a host, so make sure they pack appropriately. You can pick up your kids Wednesday from UCC at 9:30. Also, make sure that they follow the UCC youth dress code.

Here are some more dates coming up.

  • UCC VBS – July 10-13
  • Blue Haven 5th Session – July 16-22
  • Silverton VBS – July 24-26 (evening)