Published by ucccanyon on May 25, 2017

Youth News – May 28, 2017

Dear Parents,

Here is the information that will be going into the bulletin this Sunday.  Please note that if your kids are going to Opportunity Camp, we need to have a meeting on Sunday at 5.  No one showed up for the last one, so we needed to reschedule to this Sunday.

Well, this summer is about to take off fast and furious. Here are some of the details that you need to know about.  Please make sure you look over all the details for the activities you will be part of.

Junior High Dallas Trip – Please be at the church Monday morning at 8:45 and be ready to go.  We need to leave as soon as we can to make our Ranger’s Game that night.  You need to bring clean clothes for every day (with deodorant and toothbrush) as well as a sack lunch for traveling on Monday.  You will also need money for lunch/dinner on the way home on Wednesday.  We should be back in Canyon by Wednesday night church.

Opportunity Camp – If you are coming with us to Opportunity Camp, we need to pack the trailer on Friday, June 2, at 6.  Please come with your main luggage separate from your overnight bag.  We need to leave from the church at 6 a.m. Saturday morning.  Make sure you bring enough money for 3 meals (4 if you are a senior). We will be back late Saturday, June 10.  Also, we need to have a meeting on Sunday, May 28, at 5 to go over details.

High Plains Children’s Home Activities – June 13-15 we will be going to High Plains Children’s Home from 10-2.  We will be having a devotional, bible lesson, and fun activities.  I really hope that all of you will be able to join us.

MIA – Will be June 18-21.  The cost is $45 and the deadline to sign-up is June 11.  This is for all Junior High students (incoming 7th graders to outgoing 8th graders).  Also, if any parents would like to host some kiddos, please let me know.  I could use another place for some girls to stay and a place for some guys to stay.