Published by Susan Clayton on February 9, 2018

Thank You Note-Barrington

Thank You Note

The Barrington household has been undergoing some turmoil recently with James having medical problems, including hernia surgery, and the move to 2520 10th Avenue to get into a one-story house due to James’ injury and surgery. We could not hope to be successful without God’s help and the wonderful provision He has made for Christians to have a family of believers. Thank you for all the prayers, cards, calls, and for food provided, as well as the Bible Chair helpers who taped and painted in a two-day “painting party” that made it possible to get the house ready for movers to bring in the furniture (much from upstairs at Cherrywood Square). God’s love shows through all the comments, calls, cards, and prayers. The concern we see and hear from our brothers and sisters is genuine and greatly appreciated. We knew we have great church family, but the tangible proof of that is clearly visible. Thank you all a trillion times (as Milton Jones says). We love you in Christ and thank God for giving healing and providing for a new house without stairs. To Him be all the glory!      James and Darlene Barrington