Published by ucccanyon on July 26, 2017

Service Opportunity – WTAMU Move-In Day

University and Buffs for Christ members have a tremendous opportunity to serve the WTAMU students who will be coming our way next month! WTAMU’s move-in day is on Thursday, August 24. The campus is reaching out to the community (again, what an opportunity!)–they need 250 volunteers to help 2,000 students move onto campus on Thursday, August 24.

Try to remember, or imagine, the feeling of moving to college, moving away from home. There are mixed emotions. Students are excited for the new adventure. However, many are also scared (sometimes even the ones that look pretty tough). Many are immediately looking for community, and it is very possible that the FIRST positive community experience they have will make the most lasting impression.

Please go to here and read a few short paragraphs about what is required. It would be WONDERFUL if we could get a solid group from Buffs for Christ and the University Church of Christ to reach out in this simple but special way on August 24.

Once you have read the details, please communicate with Kenzie Perryman or Kent Mereness at the Buffs for Christ office (806-655-2174) and let us know how you would like to be involved.

Overall, please be prayerful about the SOULS on the WTAMU campus!