Published by ucccanyon on June 17, 2018

Remember in Prayer – Week of June 17, 2018

  • A house fire occurred at the home of David & Ashley Eller last Sunday while they were not home. Prayers for them as they go through this difficult time.
  • Marge Floyd is at Amarillo Center for Skilled Nursing, 6641 W. Amarillo Blvd., Rm. 108. Her cell number is (806) 476-9069.
  • Bill Caraway, recovering from knee replacement surgery.
  • Richmond & Mary Jo Hales, in the loss of Richmond’s brother-in-law recently.

Cancer Patients

  • Randy Allison
  • Lillian Sullivan (undergoing chemotherapy)
  • Anita Robinson
  • Seba Hollis (grandmother of Renee Boehning)

Other Health Concerns

  • Bob Muncy
  • Ludene Grush
  • Jackie Clark
  • Wes Bourn
  • Mary Stephens
  • Jeff Reid
  • Bonnie Grisham, mother of Roger Gist
  • Marge Floyd
  • Ordway Stepherson, father of Dana Boley
  • JD & Elaine Smith
  • Annis Patton’s daughter, Marsha
  • Sean Schenck (Grandson-in-law, DL & Ruth)
  • Michael Randazzo (Eleanor’s great grandson)
  • Ozie Dugan
  • Floyd & Sue Hollingsworth
  • Ben Shields (son of Brenda Davis)
  • Richmond Hales
  • DeeAnn Hutson
  • Odessa Leavitt
  • Elaine Neill
  • Don Cox (Becky Caraway’s father)

Care Home Patients

  • Lorena Piper, Hillside Heights, room 101
  • Kay Glover, Hillside Heights, room 203
  • Geneva Robinson, The Craig, Sage Creek Assisted Living, room 422

Military, Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue

Please remember in your prayers those who serve in our nation’s military, as well as those who serve our communities as Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, and those who serve as Paramedics and other First Responders.