Published by ucccanyon on March 28, 2018

Recent Prayer Requests

Recent prayer requests :

  • Prayer of thanksgiving for the rain!
  • Linda Allen (Mrs. Danny) was in BSA with blood pressure issues. Possibly went home today
  • Helen Blake, now at home, on new heart medicine. No pacemaker needed at this time
  • Kevin Lilly, step-grandson of Richmond and Mary Jo Hales, moved to rehab facility
  • Sue Hollingsworth
  • Anna Halencak, Hillside Heights room 106
  • JD and Elaine Smith
  • Irma Holt
  • Our children, no matter their ages
  • Law Enforcement and first responders
  • Randy Allison, Anita Robinson and Lillian Sullivan, cancer patients
  • Continue to pray for the Brazil Mission Team and their work in Sao Luis