Published by ucccanyon on January 25, 2018

Prison Ministry Update

Our prison ministry team wishes to thank everyone who purchased and wrapped gifts for the “Angel Tree” children this past Christmas.  These children are vulnerable to many ills of our society because one or both parents are incarcerated.  These gifts show them that someone still cares for them.  All except two gifts were delivered by our youth group.  These two were refused by the caregivers.  But we found seven additional children to whom we were able to furnish these and other much needed gifts.  All the children and caregivers showed us much appreciation.  Also delivered to each child was a new age appropriate Bible.  

We are saddened to announce the death of Donald Allen, for many years one of our top Christian leaders at the Neal Unit.  He passed away last Sunday in Marshall, Texas, where he paroled to in 2016.  Sadly, he was diagnosed with cancer shortly before he was released.  The elders at Comanche Trail Church of Christ are working on setting up a memorial fund for help in assisting future Christian parolees.  Anyone wishing to donate to this fund, named to honor Mr. Allen’s memory, may contribute by marking your donation check appropriately.