Published by Chris Roberts on December 11, 2020

Day 8 Advent Devotional – Hope Does Not Disappoint

Day 8 – Hope Does Not Disappoint

READ Romans 5.3-8; Romans 8.24, 25; Romans 15.13.

It’s hard for us to survive without hope. Because of that, we often place our hope in objects, experiences, and people, which leads to disappointment for us when our expectations are unrealistic and therefore, mismanaged. What we should be doing is placing our hope in our God. Let’s take a look at what God’s Word holds for us when it comes to hope.

The Apostle Paul wrote that hope doesn’t put us to shame because of God’s love that’s been poured out on us (Romans 5:5). I love the immediate turn to “You see at just the right time” as the reasoning behind our hope not putting us to shame. He also writes that hope that we can see isn’t hope (Romans 8:24). And the best thing we can learn about hope is that our God authored it, and as we learn to trust in Him, He fills us with so much hope that we’re overflowing with it (Romans 15:13).

Hope is an anticipation and expectation that God is working even if we can’t see it. It’s a spiritual outlook that actually leads to building our faith. We might say that faith and hope go hand in hand. While faith is the belief that God is who He says He is and that we should trust in Him, hope is the expectation that He’s there. So, when we have hope in God, it actually propels our faith.

Family Devotional 

Living our lives with hope often comes down to knowing how to navigate our thoughts. We can become overwhelmed and even feel defeated in things that have little to no eternal impact. When plans fail and we’re disappointed, we can still have hope despite earthly disappointments. We choose to hold onto the hope that God has prepared a glorious place for us in heaven that’ll never end. Discuss as a family how you can help each other to keep your focus on this kind of hope. Talk about a time when God has come through for you when it seemed like all hope was lost.

  1. Use Romans 15.13 as a guide to pray for the overflowing hope that Paul talks about.