Published by Chris Roberts on December 9, 2020

Day 7 Advent Devotional – Living Hope

Day 7 – Living Hope

READ 1 Peter 1.3-5. Biblical hope depends on Jesus because he alone is able to give “living hope” through his death and resurrection to all who trust in him. In other words, the hope that Jesus gives is “living” because he himself is alive and offers eternal life with him. When we put our hope in him, we will not be disappointed, and we will live with him forever.

Watch the Bible Project’s video on hope. This will be used for our class tonight. They discuss the difference between hope and being an optimist. Do you agree with them?

Family Devotional 

Watch the video posted above and read 1 Peter 1.3-5.


  1. What do you observe as you read this passage?
  1. Notice how this passage is a blessing addressed to God. Take some time to bless God with a prayer of your own.