Published by Chris Roberts on December 9, 2020

Day 6 Advent Devotional – Hope in His Word

Day 6 – Hope in His Word

READ Psalm 130.

Advent holds in tension two complementary but seemingly paradoxical postures of faith: repentance and rest. The pain and rigor of repentance seem at odds with the comfort and ease of rest, but in Scripture and in Advent, we find them entwined. We can rest in the certainty of God’s coming kingdom even as we repent for the ways we’ve failed to live up to the vision of that kingdom. Because we hold repentance and rest together, we don’t belittle or ignore what has been dark, twisted, and disappointing in this past year. Rather, we are called to face it squarely while trusting in a God who will prevail in the end.

We live in a noisy culture where we often feel we have to scream just to be heard—where it seems impossible to hear a still, small voice. Advent bids us to quiet down, repent, and lean into longing. Redemption is sneaking into our corner of the universe, just as it was announced to some unsuspecting shepherds on the night of Christ’s birth. Returning to Christ and resting in him isn’t an escape from the darkness of the world. It’s a proclamation that, in the midst of darkness, there remains another way—the only way.

Meditate on Psalm 130. How can repentance, rest, hope, and longing intersect in your spiritual observance of Advent this year?

Family Devotional 


  1. What does the psalmist say about God’s character?
  2. What do you say about God’s character?
  3. What does the psalmist believe God will do for Israel?
  4. What do you believe God will do for you and your community?
  5. How do you want to see God’s forgiving love at work in your life and your community this week? Form your answer into a prayer to him now. He’s listening.