Published by Chris Roberts on December 7, 2020

Day 4 Advent Devotional – Peace that Surpasses Understanding

Day 4 – Peace that Surpasses Understanding

READ John 14.27 and Philippians 4.6, 7.

I think we sometimes misunderstand God’s peace.  We think of peace as sitting by a quiet lake with a cool breeze blowing when all is well with the world. But the peace that Jesus gave us (John 14:27) is not for those few-and-far-between times when everything around us is peaceful:  it’s precisely for the opposite times when our circumstances aren’t peaceful! It’s for when we’re under pressure, or there’s no peace to be found.

When you’re lying in bed at night and your mind is racing because of everything that happened, and everything you need to get done, and everything that could go wrong – that’s when God wants His supernatural peace that surpasses understanding (Philippians 4.7) to descend on your heart and mind.

When people all around you are stressed, or there’s too much to do, or you don’t have enough, or you get a bad report, or a crisis happens — those are the times for which Jesus gave us His peace.

So think about that supernatural peace. This is the peace, the good news that the angels brought to earth on the day Jesus was born — a Savior had come! Supernatural peace had come to earth. God’s peace, His restoration of perfect fellowship — wholeness — had come to make its home in the heart of whosoever would believe on Jesus.

So when you find yourself in times of stress, remember that. That’s how to have God’s peace working in your life – at Christmas and always. Remember that you are perfectly loved, perfectly reconciled to Almighty God through Jesus Christ. Wholeness (God’s peace) has been given to you. What an amazing gift!

Family Devotional 

Use the script above for your family devotional and add the following:


  1. Write a letter or send a message to someone on our prayer list or someone that may need encouragement. Remind them of the peace that surpasses understanding that only Jesus can provide.


  1. Pray for the person(s) that you wrote cards to.