Published by Chris Roberts on December 15, 2020

Day 10 Advent Devotional – Overtaken by Joy

Day 10 – Overtaken by Joy

READ Isaiah 51.9-16

On page one of the Bible, God says that this world is good, so naturally people find joy in the good things God has made. But the biblical story also shows how this world has been corrupted by our own selfishness and is now marked by death and loss. How can anyone experience joy amidst so much chaos and sorrow? In the midst of this tension, the Bible offers a unique perspective on joy. The joy of God’s people is sustained by God’s promises over their future destiny, not on their current circumstances. For example, Israel chose their own path apart from God. As a result, they were exiled from their land and ruled by foreign nations. But the prophet Isaiah knew that sorrow and sadness would not have the final word. He looked forward to the day when Israel’s gracious God would raise up a redeemer to deliver them from oppression and lead them to eternal joy. Which promises of God help you to rejoice today? In response, write or say a prayer to celebrate God’s promises to you. Slowly review today’s passages with your own experiences of loss or sorrow in mind. What thoughts or feelings come up as you reread? Pray for God to comfort you with a renewed view of his eternal joy.