Published by ucccanyon on March 24, 2017

Buff Notes – Week of March 26, 2017


I wanted you to know that Buffs for Christ had a wonderful trip to San Antonio! Eleven students, Kayla, and myself traveled to work with the Alamo City Church of Christ and the San Antonio College Christian Student Center on March 11. After arriving, we quickly met up with Bible Chair director Mark Forster. After touring the Bible Chair and receiving directions for the week, we connected with our host families (three families from the Alamo City Church of Christ). The next morning we were BLESSED to worship with this small, inner city congregation. Their membership is comprised of many who have been impacted through the community Bible classes offered at the Bible Chair as well as a prison ministry. What a warm, welcoming, and energized group of brothers and sisters! Sunday afternoon we joined members of the congregation in handing out fliers for the community Bible classes as well as the VBS we were helping with the next three mornings. Over the next three afternoons we would work with others from Alamo City, Pleasanton, Corpus Christi, and OC handing out fliers. If you have ever gone door to door selling anything, you know there can be an initial sense of trepidation. But…by the end of the week, I was SO proud of our students. Every one of them worked boldly for the sake of the Gospel, to the glory of God! By the end of the week, calls were already coming in from people interested in the courses.

I would also like to boast in the Lord on behalf of the students, who did a tremendous job with the Vacation Bible School. Thankfully there is a daycare near the building where the church meets that is willing to bring their children to such an event. (If you get the chance, please be praying for a woman named Grace who runs the daycare; there is a wonderful opportunity of a future connection between the church and this daycare). Most of 34 children (peak attendance) came from the daycare, and most of them are under Child Protective Services. What a blessing to be with these sweet children. Make no mistake, the students of Buffs for Christ WORKED to make this VBS happen…and they were rewarded richly! God is so very good.

I want you to know that when you contribute to the Bible Chair you make opportunities like this trip to San Antonio possible. These are more than life long memories. We believe these are the seeds of lifelong change for the glory of God. Thank you for your support, and please be in prayer for our brothers and sisters in San Antonio.

Students, this week William Dixon will be speaking at Monday PM Devo @ 9. We will continue our study on John (“Daring Faith”) this Wednesday @ 7. Thursday’s girls and guys devotionals are TBA. Don’t forget about the RZIM evening with Abdu Murray happening Thursday PM as well. Also, one week from today Dani Prock is hosting Buffs for Christ for Life Group Sunday. She always does a wonderful job…you will not want to miss! (stay tuned to Facebook for details)

May God’s will be done. Have a wonderful week, brothers and sisters!








May we be prayerful about all things this week. God is so very good!