Published by ucccanyon on June 25, 2017

Buff Notes – Week of Sunday, June 25, 2017

Good morning University!

We are now less than FOUR WEEKS AWAY from the 61st annual Campus for Christ Conference! What an honor to host over one hundred campus ministers, spouses, and student leaders in Canyon, TX July 20-23! If you haven’t already, please visit to see all the details of the conference. Thank you to all who signed up to volunteer in various ways (slots are still available at http:// We will be in touch with everyone that signs up as details become available. Please be prayerful that God uses this weekend for the good of the kingdom on campuses across the nation all year long!

It is a pleasure to be back in Canyon, TX today. Next Sunday PM the Buffs for Christ summer crew will be assisting the Bell Avenue Church of Christ with services in Amarillo, TX. Here is the remaining 2017 summer travel/ supporting church visit schedule; if you find yourself in/near one of these towns this summer, please join us!

  • Sun PM July 2 (Bell Avenue)
  • Sun AM July 9 (Fritch)
  • Sun AM July 15-16 (Wheeler)

Students, remember that the Bible Chair is open during the summer! We encourage you to hang out at the Chair (and, remember, we definitely need your help with supporting church visits, NSO’s, and the Campus for Christ Conference). We do have modified hours at the Chair during the summer, so please take note of the following times:

Bible Chair Summer Hours:

  • Office:
    • Monday-Thursday, 7:45 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
    • Friday, 7:45 a.m.-12 noon.
  • Bible Chair:
    • Monday-Friday, 7:45 a.m.-10:00 p.m.

God be praised!