Published by Susan Clayton on July 27, 2018

Buff Notes-Week of July 29

Buff Notes
Good morning University and good morning Buffs!
I would like to thank Barbie Clugy and Tori Cox for their hard work this summer! Barbie’s last day this summer is this Wednesday, Aug. 3; Tori will begin working typical hours Aug. 15.
Next, I would like to thank the students who have helped with NSO’s, supporting church visits, and the North Amarillo VBS. Thank you for volunteering your time!
Buff Branding Sunday is August 26th. Here is a brief schedule of events leading up to and away from that Sunday:
Aug 22: BFC Returning Students P3 Meeting (Prayer, Planning and Pizza)
Aug 23: Move-In-Day; Human Foosball and Watermelon
Aug 24: Join the Herd Popcorn Booth
Aug 25: Buff-Mudder
Aug 26: Buff Branding Sunday
Aug 27: First Day of Class; Welcome Week Lunch; First Catacombs
Sept 7-9: FALL RETREAT @ CBH!!!
Finally, UCC, WT is recruiting 250 helpers for the Aug 23 Move-In-Day. If you would like to help (great opportunity for campus outreach), please let us know!
Please be prayerful for this next school year. God is good!
—Kent Mereness