Published by Susan Clayton on April 20, 2018

Buff Notes–Week of April 22

Praise God–Shack-A-Thon #10 was a success! Please join me in thanking the Lord for the beautiful weather! Money is still coming in for goats, but the current 2018 total exceeds $20,000! Every goat makes a difference, and if you would still like to give, please do.

I am reminded this year how there are so many positive ways that God uses a single effort of the Church. In regard to Shack-A-Thon, lives are not only touched in Africa, but also in Canyon, TX. I think about the relationship that Buffs for Christ now has with people like Dan Shuman, the man who generously donates the pulled pork sandwiches. I consider Lions (they gave $750 for goats this year!) and Rotary, and the way Shack-A-Thon has strengthened the relationship between them and the WT campus. Personally, I now have the opportunity to work every year, hand in hand, with many leaders of WT, especially those of grounds/construction, JBK, Risk management, and the Organization of Student Engagement and Leadership (OSEL). Also, each year, I am blessed to work with some tremendous servants from each of the campus ministries of WT who take on the task of being a Shack Staff member, and leaders from various student organizations who head up their team’s participation. I could go on and on.

God is good. Thank you, UCC, for your generosity, in so many ways, with the Give-A-Goat Shack-A-Thon. I encourage us this week to remember that when God gives us an opportunity, it may be used…for much more than goats:)