Published by ucccanyon on September 20, 2017

Announcements – Wednesday, September 20, 2017

  • Eleanor Ford’s ten-year-old great-grandson Michael was hit by a car on Saturday morning in Florida while crossing a street. He is in critical condition in an Orlando hospital, where his was airlifted. He has several broken bones and internal injuries as well as severe trauma to his head and brain. Michael is the son of Eleanor’s granddaughter Jessica.
  • Continue to remember the family of Shelly Willeford, the principal of Crestview Elementary, who passed away unexpectedly on Saturday at 44. There are a great many in our church family and community affected by this loss.
  • Ricky Cox, father of Ryan Cox, had stints put in on Tuesday in Denton. All went well.
  • Continue to pray for Blaine Hufnagle and Kay Glover, who are in Hillside Heights, and Annis Patton, who is in Conner House.
  • Please see our Upcoming Events page to see what’s coming up at University.
  • New address:
    Bob & Winnell Loe
    2 Larkspur Place
    Amarillo, TX 79106