Published by ucccanyon on January 31, 2018

Announcements – Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Please keep these people in your prayers:

  • The family of Machelle Knoll, following the passing of her father, Joe Whitehead, last week.
  • Geneva Robinson (Charles’ mother) – The Craig, The Windflower Bldg. #1100, room 541.
  • Laney Cox, who was bitten on the face by a neighbor dog and required nine stitches.
  • Glenda Chenault, following hip surgery today.
  • Larry Hedrick, following shoulder surgery today.
  • Jim Farris, following a procedure today.
  • Robin Clark, former member, in Dallas this past Monday for emergency surgery on a brain aneurysm.
  • Sean Pullen’s mother, following back surgery.
  • Ken Robinson’s mother, diagnosed with flu.
  • Annis Patton’s daughter, Marsha Smith, taking new treatment for MS.
  • Kelly Hollingsworth’s mother, Bonita Kline, kidney trouble and mini strokes.
  • Sharon Owens following a fall that required stitches over the weekend.
  • Shannon Jones’ grandmother is in rehab facility following surgery.  
  • Robert Dawson, father of Ashley Eller.  2516 Shenandoah Trail, Denton TX 76210
  • Frances Oglesby is in the Arbor following hospital stay.
  • Michael Randazzo, Eleanor’s great grandson. No change since coming home.
  • Wes Bourn
  • Ozie Dugan
  • Sean Schenck (DL and Ruth’s grandson-in-law)
  • Please keep in your prayers continually the adult children of this congregation (and its members). We, as parents, need these prayers for our kids. The “world” challenges their faith and causes them to question. We all need prayers for our families, despite the ages of the members!

Leadership Training for Christ | Mar. 30-Apr 1 | Dallas, TX

  • Theme – “King of my Heart”
  • Book of Study – 1 Samuel
  • $50 deposit DUE if you are going on the trip–Intent to Participate forms DUE!
  • Contact Dee Jon (231-2331) or Jennifer (336-1151) with any questions

Upcoming Events

  • January 31: 5th Wednesday Singing, No Bible classes.
  • February 4: Small Groups-please let the office know when/where your group will meet!
  • February 7: Youth Open Gym, 5 to 7pm in the FAC. Invite a friend for food, fun and fellowship!
  • February 15: Sewing Day, 9 am. All skill levels welcome!
  • February 25: Michael Whitworth, Teaching Rocket Part 2

Bridal Shower

Join us for a bridal shower honoring Anna Debinski, bride elect of Landon Lewis, on Sunday, February 11, from 1:30-3pm at the home of Susan Allen, 6 Dellwood Lane, Canyon. Selections are at Thompsons, Amazon, Pottery Barn, and Bed, Bath & Beyond.