Published by ucccanyon on January 20, 2017

Angel Tree Ministry Update

Thanks, University, for another successful year for our “Angel Tree” program.  We have participated for more than then years in this program to let children of incarcerated parents know that their parents still love them and God’s Church loves them.

Each year in late October we receive a list of children from our area who have at least one parent in a state or federal prison.  These parents’ request through their prison chaplains to participate.  The chaplains collect the needed information for each child and distribute this information to “Prison Fellowship,” an organization originally begun by Chuck Colson.  Participating churches receive the information and we buy, wrap, and deliver gifts to these victim children. We also deliver age-appropriate Bibles, and information about the church.

Our youth group, led by Tim and his family, and assisted by those who volunteer as part of our prison ministry.  Made the final deliveries the last Sunday before Christmas.  Every child on our list received his/her gifts and Bible. Again, thank each of you for the work you did, and the time and money you spent to brighten these children’s lives.  Their care-givers were especially grateful.