Published by Susan Clayton on October 5, 2018

Adult Bible Classes-Fall Quarter

Adult Sunday morning Bible Classes (Fall Quarter)

Auditorium:  Val Stone, A Road Trip with Jesus

(The book of Mark)

Room 21:  Dirk Nelson, Buffs for Christ, A Call to Mercy

Chapel:  Danny Allen, Family Life Recovery

Room 30/31:  Jeremy Reid, The Cost of Discipleship

Room 32/33:  Various teachers

Room 24/25:  Mary Stephens, Ladies Class, Hebrews

Fellowship Hall: (Beginning October 14):  David Lough, In the Beauty of Holiness

Adult Wednesday Evening Bible Classes

Ladies Bible Class, “Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus”,

Terri Nickson (starts October 17)

Fellowship Hall, Jerry Lawlis (starts October 17)

Room 30/31, Danny Allen