Published by ucccanyon on March 14, 2020

University and COVID-19

A message from University’s elders in regard to worship on June 14:

Specifics about Sunday worship in University’s Family Activity Center (FAC) on Sunday, June 14:

  • Bring your own mask if you choose to wear one
  • Please use door number 4 or 7
  • Pick up communion supplies from the table upon entering
  • Pick up chair when you enter the FAC and sit in family groups. Observe social distancing and sit 6-7 ft. from the nearest group.
  • FAC restrooms will be open
  • Please remain in the FAC; no other wandering throughout building.
  • Dismissal should be by rows; leave your chairs where they are.
  • Contributions can be left at the door as you exit.
  • Trash cans will also be at the door for communion containers
  • If you are ill or in an elevated risk category, please stay home. This includes:
    • Anyone with an elevated temperature
    • Elderly
    • Diabetic
    • Morbidly obese
    • Cardiac history (including high (LDH) cholesterol, high blood pressure, stents, bypass, etc.)
    • Any respiratory compromise such as asthma, severe allergies, those who use breathing treatments, COPD, CHF
    • Any auto immune system compromising condition or history\

Additional general information:

  • Elders will continue to monitor situation
  • Continue not having classes, attended nursery, or evening services
  • FAC continues to be closed to any sporting event or activity that restricts physical distancing practices
  • The church building and FAC are closed unless appropriate event scheduled through the office 7 days in advance
  • We professionally deep clean / disinfect after each event
  • Recommend physical distancing be practiced as much as possible during this continued time
  • Will continue to stream services for the foreseeable future If you have any questions, pleaseĀ  contact an elder.