Adult Class Schedule

Sunday Mornings

  • Auditorium:  Val Stone, A Road Trip with Jesus (The book of Mark)
  • Room 21:  Dirk Nelson, Buffs for Christ, A Call to Mercy   
  • Chapel:  Danny Allen, Family Life Recovery
  •  Room 30/31:  Jeremy Reid, The Cost of Discipleship
  •  Room 32/33:  Various teachers
  •  Room 24/25:  Mary Stephens, Ladies Class, Hebrews
  •  Fellowship Hall: (Beginning October 14):  David Lough, In the Beauty of Holiness

Wednesday Evenings

  • Ladies Bible Class, Terri Nickson, “Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus”
  • Fellowship Hall, Jerry Lawlis
  • Room 30/31, Danny Allen
  • Room 32/33, Kent Mereness